Program director
Prof. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht

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Aviation and Tourism Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

4 terms, postgraduate, part-time

ECTS credit points

Program start
Each year in October

Application deadlines
Foreign degree: July 15
National degree: July 15
Application without Academic Degree: April 30               


University of Huddersfield, UK
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), European campus
University of the Aegean, Greece
Capacity (per year)
26 students
19,900 € plus study fees

ZEvA accreditation
from 2016-2023

Admission requirements

Possibility of income tax deduction


The student testimonials below give you an impression of what our students think about our MBA Aviation Management program:

AHS Aviation Handling Services GmbH, Germany

Kanellos, Georgios: Ramp Supervisor

Georgios Kanellos

"Aviation was always my passion.But my decision to leave an 8-year long successful career as an Electrical Engineer in Greece entailed many risks. However in the end, my studies for the MBA Aviation Management at Frankfurt Univeristy of Applied Sciences not only helped me to deepen my understanding of the aviation industry but offered me professional development as well because only two weeks after graduating I was offered employment at the Frankfurt Airport as Ramp Supervisor in one of the biggest ground handling companies of Germany."

Aviation Outlook, United States

Dhital, Dipesh: Founder / Aviation Consultant / Analyst

Dipesh Dhital

With previous background in Aeronautical Engineering, joining the ‘MBA Aviation Management’ program at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences was definitely one of the best decisions in my career. I was always passionate about aviation/aerospace industry and was keen to learn further leadership/management skills and business expertise as well. The MBA experience from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences has provided me with competencies in the area of aviation management, leadership, applied research and consulting skills. This MBA experience also provided me with the confidence to take on the entrepreneurial journey and start, where I hone my expertise as an analyst/aviation consultant. I would especially like to thank Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler and faculty professors who provided all the help and support throughout this journey.

Boeing, India

Raman, Srinivasan: Software Product Business Analyst

Srinivasan Raman

"Being involved in providing software solutions to Airlines, I was looking for a good Aviation program and me joining the Aviation MBA program from Frankfurt University has proven to be the right choice. Based on my passion in Aviation and the course curriculum, I’ve joined this program with great expectations and I can definitely say that this program met them. It was great to have the possibility for discussions with the lecturers and the other participants, having very divers aviation backgrounds.

This has provided me good insights into the industry. The program has helped me a lot in the areas of strategy, aviation market, management, applied research and consultant skills due to the eminent and skilled faculty of the program. These skills are really helpful in my current role of Business Analyst. I would recommend this program to professionals who are interested in advancing in the Aviation Industry."

Deutsche Postbank AG, Germany

Levy, Doron: Security Specialist, Corporate Security

Doron Levy

Joining the MBA Aviation Management Program was definitely one of the smartest investments I have made in both my career and personal life. Upon eight years of working in the aviation security business, my passion to aviation has led me to join the program with great expectations. With its variety of business academic modules, aviation specific modules, international seminars and unique soft-skills workshops, the program has made my desire for a career development possible. As a graduate, I could apply for new positions in both the aviation and other major business industries. Upon short search I have found a new promising career in the Corporate Security Division of a major German bank. This also shows that the program, though aviation related, opens its graduates new possibilities and new horizons in all available business sectors in the market.

DFS German Air Traffic Control, Germany

Schierhorn, Christine: Head Control Center Bremen

Christine Schierhorn

„During the MBA Aviation Management programme I was able to acquire additional international management and leadership skills that prepared me to take over the position as Head of Tower in Hamburg.”

DFS German Air Traffic Control, Great Britain

Biedermann, Markus: General Manager ATC-Tower London Gatwick

Markus Biedermann

"I had more than fifteen years of work experience in the aviation industry, but I didn’t have a Bachelor of Arts degree or any other first academic degree. I wanted to gain theoretical as well as managerial know-how and insight into the aviation business beyond what I had already acquired as a working professional. I wanted the benefits that a formal degree program would provide, but at the same time I didn't want to interrupt my career or miss out on the fundamental experience of my job. This MBA Aviation Management program offered the perfect combination of studying while continuing to work. Through this program I gained new skills which enabled me to steer business processes and execute management decisions based on sound knowledge. Furthermore, I can now draw from a wide network of contacts which the MBA introduced me to.The international orientation of the program broadened my horizons and gave me a much better understanding of the aviation industry as a whole. This degree has added value to my current position, and it has given me the additional credentials needed to fuel my career. For aviation professionals, especially those without a first university degree, and for those who aspire to become professionals in the future, I highly recommend the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences MBA Aviation Management Program. Learning to simultaneously balance work and the demands of the program is challenging; however, doing so allows you to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Due to this overwhelmingly positive experience, I decided to further my academic goals and am now pursuing a PhD at the University of West London. A unique feature of this MBA program is that it allows students to enter classical academic degree programs.!

Fraport AG, Germany

Donner, René: Group leader, Baggage handling

Rene Donner

"After starting with the MBA Aviation Management programme I got a promotion as a group leader for baggage handling at Fraport AG. Soft skill development in the areas of leadership and communication were crucial success factors for my new job."

König, Sascha: Vice President Assetmanagement Terminals

Sascha König

„The MBA Aviation Management programme gave me additional visibility within my company and contributed to my promotion as Head of Asset Management Terminals. Especially the broad aviation insight in airline business processes beyond airports have been beneficial for my new job.”

IndiGo Airlines, India

Kadam, Devesh: First Officer B737

Devesh Kadam

"I can positively say that the MBA Aviation Management degree course at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences has further deepened my knowledge and understanding about the aviation industry. Being a commercial pilot, apart from flying I always had the curiosity to learn more about the working of this industry. This degree course has not only provided me with the right exposure to the various facets of this industry but has also empowered me with the requisite skill sets to transform my career as a pilot as well as a management professional. The commitment and the support provided by Dr. Yvonne Ziegler and all other faculty members for this course always motivated me to perform to the best of my abilities. I would highly recommend this course to professionals who are passionate about the aviation industry."

Ingram Micro, Bulgaria

Petrov, Vasil: Business Process Improvement Manager

Vasil Petrov

„Thanks to the MBA Aviation Management programme I was able to expand my knowledge and skills in diverse areas and subsequently enter the management consulting world followed by a management role in a large multinational company”.

Jet Airways, India

Ved, Amish: B737 pilot/Head of Human Factors/Crew Resource Management

Amish Ved

"Initially I had certain reservations enrolling myself in an MBA programme due to other commitments in addition to my professional ones as an airline captain. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. I was completely sold from my first lecture by Prof. R.-Dieter Reineke. From there on, the sincere efforts of all professors at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences broadened my horizons to provide me with all the tools I needed to excel in a managerial role. I have already put in practice a lot of them as the head of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management Department in my airline with great success and have received a lot of accolades from my peers as well. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Prof. Yvonne Ziegler in particular, who along with her exceptional team that have gone way beyond what was expected to not just teach, but to enable my wholistic learning and development as an aviation professional."

KPMG, India

Tomar, Rohit: Consultant Strategy and Operations, Aerospace and Defence

Rohit Tomar

"I started the program with skeptism of it being just like any other part-time MBA programme, however the first lecture put all my fears to rest. Not only is the programme very well structured, but it also provides room for a lot of discussions and debates. The programme not only provided knowledge typically found in books but provided an opportunity to learn much more from the vastly experienced professors and peers. It was this immense recipe of meeting friends from varied experiences and professors from various areas of expertise that created an atmosphere to learn more and explore more. In my current profile as an Aviation consultant in KPMG, the learnings of this course has helped me immensely to bridge the various functions of KPMG and bring it together for our aviation clients."

Kuwait Airways, India

Khan, Tabish: Senior Aircraft Planning Engineer

Tabish Khan

“I was considering my pursuit for graduate education when I came across the MBA (Aviation Management) offered by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. A quick review of the course structure and interaction with the program coordinator convinced me that this was the right course for my career goals. Throughout the duration of the course I was delighted with the quality of the professors; their experience both in academics and industry as well as their professionalism. I developed a good working relationship and am in touch with some of them till date. The principles and tools learnt during the course were very practical and I apply them often in my profession. The courseware was also well structured with the right mix of Theory, Aviation and General Management concepts. There were plenty of group exercises, group discussions and class participation to enable transfer of experience.  The program not only focused on the academics but also helped to build strong relationships with colleagues and professors. I consider this program as one of the premier courses in Aviation Management and have no hesitation in recommending it.” 

LSG Sky Chefs and Aeroflot Joint Venture, Russia

Prost, Katharina: Chief Financial Officer CJSC Aeromar

Katharina Prost

“I started the MBA Aviation Management study programme as I wanted to enhance my skillset and qualification to take on a new role and to be promoted to Head of Cost Controlling with Condor Flugdienst GmbH.”

Lufthansa Global Business Services, Germany

Koch, Christina: Migration Manager

Christina Koch

"I always had the aim of working as a consultant in the aviation industry. Through the MBA Aviation Management I got a first contact to Lufthansa Consulting. Within the module "Applied Research Project" we cooperated by developing a Premium Economy evaluation tool. Thereby, I gained an insight into the company and work environment. Being hired by them shortly before the end of my studies, I got the chance to progress in my career."

Lufthansa Systems, Germany

Bardelli, Davide: Senior Consultant

Davide Bardelli

"I was looking for a career change inside or outside my current company. The MBA Aviation Management programme prepared me well to go through the assessment center of Lufthansa Systems and I got a new job there as Senior consultant."

QuEST Global, India

Koshy, Vinu Jacob: Deputy Manager, COO Office

Vinu Jacob Koshy

"Being an Aeronautical Engineer and serving this industry for the last 12 years, I was fascinated to move to the management side. I wanted to do an MBA in the aviation field where I was associated with and when this opportunity came I was quick to grab it. This Aviation MBA program not only taught me management concepts and strategies but also provided great insight into the aerospace and aviation market, its challenges, and also helped me personally align to my future goals. Today I am part of the leadership team and provide my valuable opinion in decision making of the company. This course has been a turning point in my career! "

Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan

Rihani, Omar: Deputy Service Engineer Manager/ Head of Aircraft Systems

Omar Rihani

“The MBA in Aviation Management Program was such an amazing opportunity for me, where I got to live an interesting multinational experience and also to personally connect and learn from the caliber professors who effectively demonstrated the link between theory and real-life field experience throughout the duration of the program. Besides, I acquired a lot of strategic planning, global management and leadership skills which helped me utilize my engineering background towards more and more success achieving a stable and fast growing career. Recently I got promoted to Deputy Service Engineering Manager / Head of Aircraft Systems at Royal Jordanian Airlines and I look forward confidently towards any challenging opportunity in the future.”

Wizz Air, Poland

Zabolotnyy, Andrew: Regional Safety Captain, ...

Andrew Zabolotnyy

... Crew Resource Management Instructor

The MBA Aviation Management program is a unique compilation of deep theoretical knowledge combined with practical exercises, which help the students to immerse deeply into the agile world of aviation business. As an airline pilot with more than 4 years of operational experience at that time, I wanted to make further steps in my career. I was looking for an MBA program in Aviation Management, which can be combined with active flying duties. Frankfurt University of Applied Science was the only University in Europe which could offer such a product and at the same time already having a very positive feedback from its students.

This MBA program in Aviation Management is a high quality platform for students, enabling also seamless knowledge transfer from the international lecturers to their students. During the lectures and the Applied Research Projects students freely expressed their opinions and shared experience.

It was a challenge to combine a full time job and my studies but it was a good motivation, because every day I could observe fruitful results. During the program I was upgraded twice within my airline. First I got promoted to the Captain position and later on I was appointed to be the Regional Safety Captain, overseeing the Safety and Compliance in 5 European countries.

Development of the soft skills was also among the key objectives for the students, and after 2 years intensive study, the students could observe a change of their behavior and attitude. This program has changed our personalities, the way we perceive the the world around us, how we approach business and provided us with a “bigger picture”.

Moreover, a number of practical exercises and the Applied Research Projects helped me to gain a number of practical skills, tools and techniques, which I utilize every day performing Safety Captain’s duties, in one of the biggest LCC in the CEE region.

Beside this, the MBA program helped us to build a widespread network of connections and to meet genuine friends.

I would recommend the program for all aviation personnel, looking to broaden the knowledge horizon, foster the potential of career progress and gain a competitive advantage by having acquired such an honored degree.

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