Program director
Prof. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht

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Aviation and Tourism Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

4 terms, postgraduate, part-time

ECTS credit points

Program start
Each year in October

Application deadlines
Foreign degree: July 15
National degree: July 15
Application without Academic Degree: April 30               


University of Huddersfield, UK
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), European campus
University of the Aegean, Greece
Capacity (per year)
26 students
19,900 € plus study fees

ZEvA accreditation
from 2016-2023

Admission requirements

Possibility of income tax deduction

Qualification Profile

The MBA program “Aviation and Tourism Management” qualifies professionals for challenging and demanding management and leadership positions in the aviation and tourism industry.

Typical fields of employment for graduates are general management, sales, operations management, logistics, marketing, consulting, controlling and other fields of management in the aviation and tourism industries.

After successful completion of the study program graduates master relevant corporate functions and understand their interdependence and importance for a successful management of a company. They have the ability to develop, manage and lead projects and inspire confidence in their team to implement new visions and strategies. In particular they are competent in providing ethical leadership in international and globalized settings, dealing with diverse cultures and implementing national and international strategies in local as well as globalized markets. They are excellent negotiators and communicators and able to take decisions with incomplete or limited information, reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities. They have learnt to think in an analytical and conceptual way, manage their time and to structure their work and the work of their teams in efficient and effective manner.

Furthermore they are capable of analyzing, defining and evaluating market segments, international trends and demands of the aviation and tourism industry. They recognize key success factors and market potentials and can identify, develop and implement concepts and processes in strategic aviation and tourism management areas. In their decision making process, they consider the legal and regulatory framework of the industry as well as safety concerns and security regulations.

The program improves the graduates’ academic skills and provides them with tools to enhance their study and learning skills so they will be able to follow the technological and academic development for life or to continue their studies to earn a doctorate. They will be in the vanguard of implementing new methods and technologies.